At Vonsy Studio, whilst the little details are vital, we also keep our eye on the bigger picture.
Each project begins with extensive research that is then creatively brainstormed by the team offering multiple angles, solutions and ideas.
Personal attention to even the smallest of details is what makes us unique. We work alongside a professional team of product designers, illustrators, photographers, architects, and strategic planners, to ensure the graphic world we create is harmonious to the world of the product.
Vonsy is a boutique studio which strives to capture the essence and individuality of each project. The studio is located in the heart of Ramat Hasharon’s industrial area. The design team includes the founder – Yael Vons Jarzin, Liron Asulin-Dakar and Max “The Brain”.

Yael vons jarzin

For Yael Vons Jarzin Design is a way of life. She brings with her over 20 years of experience in graphic design, branding and advertising. An Artist at heart, she handles every aspect of branding and believes in a comprehensive approach that considers all the different aspects of the product’s world.

Liron asulin dakar

From an early age, Liron adapted to all areas of design. Over the years she served as the Creative Manager of visual merchandising in leading fashion companies. After completing her BA in Social Studies she zoomed back into graphic design and discovered her passion for typography. Liron joined the studio in 2010, fell in love with Max The Brain and the rest is history…

Max the brain

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